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About PEP

by Marie Young

Founder, Pacific Enterprise People

"The future is brown" is a blog post I wrote almost a decade ago but most importantly it’s what the statistics are now indicating for Pacific Peoples living in New Zealand.


Pacific people are New Zealand's fourth-largest population group, comprising 7.4% of the population in the 2018 census. This number is predicted to rise above 10% by 2038, according to research from the Ministry for Pacific Peoples.

Now is the time to understand what this means to us who are, as Hon Ministry Aupito Sio Williams calls us, generation 6B (brown, brainy, beautiful bicultural. bilingual, and bold). 


Are Pacific People in charge of their future?

The 2018 census and the 2017 Pasifika Futures report paint a picture of a people poised to grow in numbers, but currently lagging in a number of key socioeconomic indicators. 

Home ownership, education in key areas such as science and technology, entrepreneurship and financial security are crucial areas where Pacific People are falling through the cracks of society. 

It is PEP's mission to partner with amazing providers and identify how best to change those statistic, one entrepreneur at a time. 

Pacific Enterprise People are those who will do the work required to become masters of their own destiny. 

The work begins with yourself, 

that is why we begin the journey with one-on-one mentoring and coaching to help you discover your uniquely Pacific style. 

I am a daughter of Pacific immigrants who came to New Zealand, looking for a better life. Myself and my sister are that better life. The future is now in our hands. I have had to chart my own path through many detours. Over the years, I have thought "if only I had the support".


With Pacific Enterprise People, I have brought together the most valuable learnings from my career and from my mentors. Our programmes (PEPStart, PEPLevel and PEPVault) are designed to help you get from idea + opportunity to a viable business, in as short a time as possible. 

I am looking forward to working with you!


Technology is an exciting new frontier for everyone. Instead of letting it disrupt us, we embrace the innovative revolution,

Over 8 years I was privileged to lead multicultural teams, adding Cultural Intelligence to what I had already learnt growing up between cultures. We helped immigrants gain skills and confidence that helped them establish a new life in New Zealand with their families. 

My career has led me to meet
many talented, gifted

and inspiring people.

But there's one person
I am especially
looking forward
to meeting. 


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