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How are you going to stay connected?

While Pacific communities originate from the Pacific Islands,

they extend out to almost every country on Earth.

All our Pacific communities are communal, social and always connecting face-to-face, very often around food and hospitality.

And our Pacific cultures value connectivity, making our decisions together; and going most places ... together.

When we find something good,

we share it with others.

As we prepare to lock down and self-isolate for four weeks or longer to combat COVID-19, this is a great opportunity to up-skill by learning how to use online tools to stay connected. Once we're connected, we will find the opportunity to continue working from home.

Having a team plan for working from home

might not have been on your to-do list.

COVID-19 just moved this to the top of your list.

I'm here with my team to help

you with the ideas and tools.

We're seeing the negative aspect to COVID-19 but there are actually a lot of opportunities to work better by working online. I will share more on this later, but just to give you a taste...

  • Start building your untapped networks you didn't realise you had.

  • Save costs on commuting, real estate, office equipment.

  • Collaborate in real time on shared documents.

  • Save precious time and get straight to work.

  • As a result, enjoy quality family time.

  • Work with people around the world.

1. Get connected

  • Click here to visit the My Team Works Online Community page.

  • Once on the Community Page, click on "Login" to sign up for the My Team Works Online. community. This is forever free, and will give you access to valuable information.

  • Update your profile by uploading your photo and writing something about yourself. What help do you want, and how would you like to help? This information will be available through the members page, and visible to other people from your community.

2. Stay connected

  • Ask a new question here in the community forum about what you need, or use the search function to search for a key word that could lead to information that could help you.

  • Stay tuned for updates on workshops where we will pack up your work-from-home toolkit to prepare you, your team and your community. We are better, together.

  • Invite your colleagues and team to use this resource.

3. Share connection

  • Remember I said when we find something good, we share it with others,

  • Like it? Share this information widely with your networks.

  • Connected communities are stronger communities.

Marie Young | Director

Pacific Enterprise People

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