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Updated: May 3, 2019

One of my roles is to help Pasifika businesses to learn Digital Pathways to Value. The video below which introduces the MYRVR APP, shares a heartfelt story about a Pacific Island technology initiative. MYRIVR is winning awards by using technology to get our communities the help that they need, in the moment that they need it. This is a beautiful story. It's our story. The Pasifika business community is starting to rise up to reach the Pinnacle of Business in Asia. Increasing numbers of Pasifika businesses are becoming interested in selling their products and services to 1.4 billion consumers in China. There is also a significant local cross-cultural commerce opportunity. 50 million Chinese consumers live outside China. 1.4 million Chinese Consumers have money in digital wallets in the South Pacific.

Besides being the owner of Pacific Enterprise People (PEP), I've recently taken on a leading role to help Pasifika businesses to reach the Pinnacle of Business on the mountain of opportunity with China. As Regional Director of Pacific for Red Circle Network, I will now be able to share the tools and the support that Pasifika businesses need to reach higher commercial levels. Red Circle Network has mapped out a Digital Pathway to get to the top.

Pasifika and Chinese communities have a lot in common. We face the same challenges as immigrant communities, integrating into a new country and culture. We get through because we value our families, our children, our culture and our communities. We are great at coming together. Imagine if we did this with China!

Chinese people need the same help as Pasifika people when they emigrate to a new country. The experience is stressful and difficult. MYRIVR connects communities to the help that they need, as they need it. With every kind of human or social service. The MYRIVR app is already successful in New Zealand, with interest in Australia, the USA and the Pacific Islands. They are a fantastic team of humble high achievers.

Workshops organised by PEP and presented by Red Circle Network, will help the MYRIVR team to directly reach the Chinese community in Aotearoa New Zealand, and ultimately to take the MYRIVR app into China. (WeChat is China's Facebook and PayPal with over 1.2 billion wallet / social users.) With RCN's help the MYRIVR app has a bright future with the Chinese audience. The Pasifika community can be very proud to lead the way in global harmony.

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