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In the capital, exploring the future

We were in our nation's capital this week for an all-day ECE National Summit, "The Future for Children", put on by the Office of Early Childhood Education.

I couldn't resist popping out to explore the wonders of creativity and geek out about the Doctor Who—Worlds of Wonder exhibition while we were here. While it may seem frivolous to some, it is amazing to see the simple vision of a few people 60 years ago continuing to engage and expand the minds of its viewers.

The summit, too, was about engaging and expanding minds - not only those of the children in early childhood education, but those who serve them, whether on the classroom floor, or around the boardroom table. Again and again, various speakers reminded us that children are wonderful, and worthy of our protection and highest standards.

A quote that stood out: "Becoming, Being and Belonging". When young children see themselves reflected in the teaching workforce, it strengthens their cultural identity.

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