"It was a pleasure to have Marie at the PACIFICA conference.

Your personal story was powerful in its honesty!”



CEO, Leadership New Zealand

"Marie has worked voluntarily with our

leadership teams with several community projects.

She’s passionate about what she believes, and communicates well

not only amongst the business corporate world, but within our community.”


Senior Pastor, LifeChurch

NZCounties Manukau Police Chaplain


"The Red Circle Network Board of Directors contracted Marie
in a founding C level role as Chief Executive Officer.
We had a clear Digital Pathway to China narrative to our go to market strategy
and Marie was able to embrace our directives and execute them with flair.


Thanks to Marie's impressive cross-cultural leadership,

RCN has become one of the leading Western service organizations to Western businesses engaging Chinese communities in New Zealand and Mainland China.
Marie was tasked with the delivery of RCN's strategy to establish RCN as an independent sales organisation to Chinese technology vendors.


Marie demonstrated very high ethical standards along with a

high level of technical, operational acumen.

Marie's depth of character was highly instrumental

in driving the enthusiasm of C-level executives

at leading Chinese technology vendors

including LatiPay, Enring and Nanostack.

Marie developed the contracts and established the organizational

systems and processes that locked in these relationships.

This attention to detail across complex business process,

has meant that RCN could provision services to organisations

that have very high levels of scrutiny and due diligence.


Business that Marie lead us to procure included Saatchi and Saatchi, Starcom, New Zealand Electoral Commission (2017 Elections project), Sudmia Hotels, New Zealand Rugby (All Blacks) use of Kawo Enterprise, BestStart Educare and Eastern Institude of Technology, to name a few.


After Marie began her own consultancy, Pacific Enterprise People,

RCN continued to receive value from Marie across Pacific Projects.

We worked together to support and guide Pacific Island enterprise to engage China. Most notably, Marie led and formed the the MYRIVR technologies project consultancy team.


Responsibilities included co-developing and optimising a remote collaboration client engagement and content platform within Microsoft Planner, Sharepoint Team Services, WeChat, Skype, Zoom and our Web Builder platforms. Project managing complex, multi stakeholder, highly technical, implementation projects. Use of Agile/Scrum tools in MS Planner. Growth hacking Included finding, keeping and growing B2B Channel and Partner Strategic Relationships and B2B Enterprise level client engagement. B2C Premium brand export and local market China growth advisory, Chinese and Western social media content, with inbound and outbound marketing and customer journey mapping and automation optimisation.


Marie also held an unofficial, concurrent role as Chief Financial Officer,

managing cashflow, accounts payable and accounts receivable via

XERO software and supported us as directing Human Resources
with a rare level of empathy and emotional intelligence."



CEO, Red Circle Network

"Excellent combination of structure, expertise and patience." 

Mat Wylie, CEO, Customer Radar /

Global Learning Committee, Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO)


"I most liked Marie's informal style and small group interaction."

Murray Willis, Principal, Willis Associates


"A friendly fast-paced knowledge transfer session

that stretches the mind ... very good value!"

John Blackham, CEO, XSOL

"Thanks Marie for a great mind-blowing day!" 

Sue May, Fox Films NZ

"I'm more competent and excited to explore further"

Luke Kaa-Morgan, Profile and Promotion,
David and Dale Garratt Music


"I have increased confidence and knowledge that I can do this!"

Georgie Major, Marketer

"I really like Marie's style and overall attitude.

I like the hands-on approach to training"

Rob Bree, Marketing Consultant



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