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“I had the privilege of working with PEP in developing a business strategy for my company. To my satisfaction, PEP not only fulfilled its promise but also helped me establish an unrealised new brand that was closely tied to my personal story as the founder. PEP helped instil a new passion for my company and has given me clear direction. I highly recommend PEP for its ability to unlock my company's potential. I am delighted with the level of service I received and will be using their services again."

Kevin Fuavao, Founder, Manu Golf Apparel

“PEP’s creative and strategic expertise helped us to see our brand in a whole new light, and opened up strategic new partnership channels and pathways beyond what we had imagined.”

Vikki Clark, Director, ZOL Sunglasses

It was a great joy to have you and loved the way PEP facilitated [our workshops]. You have a powerful leadership story that resonated with me and with others.

Workshop Client

I like your approach. It's non-confrontational. You didn't come in telling us what to do, you sought the answers that were within us. As a person being assessed, that's what I appreciated the most.

Kura-Metua Elikana, Centre Manager

You hear us. You listen and understand where we are coming from as an organisation. I feel like what we say here is actually important.

Tupuka Tikinau, Trustee

Pukapuka Preschool

It has been an absolute pleasure working together with PEP - Marie and Simon Young on this Governance needs pilot project. 

Both Marie and Simon provided valuable advice and guidance during the time when we were scoping together on what our Governance needed and wanted support with. Then when it came to the time of implementing what we had spoken about both Marie and Simon have been wonderful support in making it happen.

I love that we share the same heart - a heart for God, for our children, families and community and a passion to empower our people (Samoan/Pasifika) to know and be the best that we can be. Thank you both for your serving hearts and I pray for abundant blessings upon you both and your work.


Faafetai tele lava mo lenei fesoasoani taua ma ia faamanuia le Atua ia oulua i mea uma lua te fai.

Alovale Faaiuaso,

Centre Manager, Lupesina Aoga Amata

Thank you very much for the time and effort you have put into working alongside Lupesina Aoga Amata. The structuring of the governance manual and protocols as well as setting up the website, google suite, origins video and storypark training is deeply appreciated.

The work you have done is a great step forward for Lupesina to streamline our governance communication and workflow.

Thank you for your advice and the positive impact your work will have on the future of Lupesina. Faafetai tele lava.

Pati Faaiuaso,

Board Chair, Lupesina Aoga Amata

We are very lucky to have chosen Pacific Enterprise People where our enriching conversations, our vision and passion are united as one. Thank you for your smiles, your laughter, your love and most of all your support in achieving what we set out to achieve in our plan. I feel very blessed. Meitaki Poria.

Temaria Tengange

Centre Manager, Akaiti Mangarongaro

I enjoyed getting more clarity, I enjoyed being clear on directions ahead. There is enormous value in just being able to sit down and talk. Good to have Marie facilitate because she went straight to identifying key priorities and that’s what we needed. Excellent! 

Graham Edwards
Board Member, Glenavon Community Hub

I was so fortunate to be referred to Marie by one of one of my long-standing loyal customers and very good friend. I've found Marie to be a valuable extended member of our team. As a Business Mentor, she's encouraging and creates a safe space to host a talanoa (conversations). Marie builds rapport very easily, which enables me to trust her, especially when navigating topics that takes courage. She also provides strategic solutions and ideas that perhaps we haven't explored yet. I would definitely recommend her as a Business Mentor and her company. 

Sylvie Salanoa
Managing Director, Mailelani Samoa Skincare

I really love having someone outside to facilitate so we can just sit back, relax, just be and share together, and see the value, the difference and the input that each person has as an essential part of the big picture. The sense of team (togetherness) has been strengthened. I really want others to come and experience this.

Marjorie Blaiklock

Secretary, Glenavon Community Hub

I really enjoyed the open communications, we generally don’t have time to do this and I feel like it’s given me more spark to work with some amazing people in the world.

Michael Mishriki

Chairman, Glenavon Community Hub

You’re putting ideas in my head that I don’t really think about day-to-day in terms of the business. 

You’re bringing up improvements that we should be doing, but haven’t been doing. 

I felt comfortable to share my ideas, and that I could trust you and you wouldn’t try to talk me 
into anything I don’t want to do.

Ekueni Ropati 

Director, PBI Inspections Co Ltd 

Marie and the team at PEP were extremely helpful with getting me and my business back on our feet. She provided support that was second to none, always willing to go the extra mile to assist with whatever it was that I needed and always provided provision with her advice. With PEP, they provided more than just a service. They were patient, comfortable to talk to and made a genuine connection/effort to fully understand the purpose of my business and vision/goals. 
Marie's ability to create a safe space encouraged me to share my story without hesitation. As a young Pacific woman who is an aspiring entrepreneur it’s so important to have representation of our people in this field and I am thankful to Marie for being that representative for me. 
Without a doubt, I would highly recommend choosing Marie and her team at PEP. 

Thank you so much!

Tiare Rose Atirai 

Founder, Tiare Rose Cosmetics 

Even though logistics has been in my family for generations, starting up my own business was exciting and daunting. But having PEP’s level of care and attention to what I needed was a breath of fresh air.  


The continuous strategic and tactical priorities were invaluable from Marie and her team. This gave me confidence to take an opportunity that I almost missed.


I am so glad I chose this company to help me get my business off the ground. 

Khatik Patel 

Managing Director DNP Logistics 

PEP was pivotal to my start up. I was already running a business, but I needed fresh ideas, strategy and someone who could challenge me to think even bigger.


When I felt stuck, Marie helped bring the momentum, belief, and preparation to put me in good stead and even prepared me for a funding pitch.


A valuable business mentor to call on. 

Imelda Morgan 
Director, Two Sparrows

I engaged PEP's services for six months for team leadership and professional development. We lost our way a bit and I needed someone to come in and help us find our "why" again.


After group workshops and one-on-one sessions with Marie I started to see incredible personal and professional development changes with my team and a huge positive change to our team culture. I am on cloud 9 and I do not recognise my team. I am so blessed to know Marie and to be a client of hers.

She's a trusted advisor and a go to mentor for myself as well.

Asinate Akolo | Founder
Poimaino Homebased Childcare

I found PEP's services to be timely for where I was in life. I am about to partially retire from full time work, and I needed someone who could basically summarise the key milestones of my life and help me to see a new narrative that wasn't in my consciousness before. This will prepare me well for my next season, where my priority is to share my story with others.


As a result, I have a new blog and new website, and a new lease of life with so much to look forward to. 

Salome Mitchell
Community Chaplain / Social Worker 

I was very picky when it came to finding and choosing the right Business Consultant to help strategise where my business could go to the next level. After interviewing and speaking to 12 different business consultants. I chose Pacific Enterprise People (PEP). 
Marie is a beautiful kind soul who I believe genuinely wants to see her clients succeed. I really enjoy working with Marie. Her calm demeanour along with her extensive knowledge and international business experience make for very productive results. She has given me a fresh perspective on the potential direction of how my company can scale which I was not able to see myself being so close to it.


A priceless and outstanding experience. 

Lance Fepulea’i
Award-winning Hip Hop Artist

Clothing Brand Entrepreneur

I had a problem completing a complicated business application to help grow my business, and I was looking for a Service Provider that speaks my language. 

I was impressed with how fast Pacific Enterprise People (PEP) responded to my initial request, and appreciated the detailed and in-depth learning I received during the process. 

I learnt so much about business that I ended up enrolling for courses to help upskill as a business owner.

I'm very satisfied with the results. I came with a problem and left with so much value and business planning solutions. 


I highly recommend PEP.

Blessing Pita

Business Owner

I was fortunate to secure the time and services of PEP to assist me in fine tuning my business plan and implementing solid structures in preparation for growth. 

As a home based business centred around natural healing, combining both traditional and mainstream methods of body work I needed to find someone that was culturally sensitive and open minded who could add mainstream business principles without losing the essence of how I want to brand, market and operate my business. 


One of the insightful ways PEP helped me was the ability to peel back and uncover the true value of what I had to offer my clients. Once I saw this revelation I could begin to understand how to explain my value proposition to my market.


What I appreciated most about PEP was that my field of work was unfamiliar but nevertheless Marie invested time to truly understand what is involved, the effort and attention she put in enabled us to flesh out, strengthen, and purpose build a robust business plan. 

Marie, I can not thank you enough for all your help, professional insight and continuous support. I look forward to our next phase.

Tania Glamuzina

Business Owner

The PEP Start business talanoa workshops were a catalyst to move from just an idea to starting a business with my business partner Sa’e. I got married the same year too! I look back now and although it was stressful juggling a lot at times, we made it through because Marie is always encouraging, professional and honest. Even now when we need perspective on business opportunities we regard her as our Mentor whom we refer to. 


It’s been life changing!


Thank you PEP.

Valeria Gascoigne 

Founding Director 

EmpowerME Consulting 

‘It has been such a pleasure working with you. Thank you for all your work. The way you respectfully facilitated, engaged and supported our Pacific community to navigate the Pacific Education funding space was much needed and valued by our team.’

Evelyn Niua

Practice & Implementation Advisor

Pasifika Learning Support

   Ministry of Education 

Malo Marie,


Thank you so much for our talanoa session, I found it extremely useful and informative.  I was treated like a client of (PEP) Pacific Enterprise People, even though it was a complimentary online talanoa to begin with.  I was referred to Marie’s services through a friend of mine.


Marie's effective listening towards my passion to advocate for the inclusion of Pacific People with disabilities in Aotearoa, was a value match and key to further talanoa (conversation) sessions about the next phase of my company brand. 


She quickly captured the essence of my WHY. She’s passionate, genuine, and a visionary Pacific business coach. 


Fa’afetai tele lava Marie, I’m excited to begin the PEP Start programme very soon.

Fonoti Pati Umaga, QSM

For several years Pacific Enterprise People has provided advisory and support services for Samoa Multimedia Group (SMG) and Multimedia Community Trust (MCT). PEP has been a trusted advisor and reliable consultant on many levels, including setting up MCT as a charitable organisation, and leading the trademark registration process for our national community walking group. PEP has always gone the extra mile and provided a strategic context of the specific actions required. Marie from PEP has been a very effective team player and positive driver of change.

Ane Ponifasio, QSM

Managing Director

Samoa Multimedia Group

“Thank you so so much for your support, whatever the outcome I will be forever thankful. No money could ever pay for the words of encouragement, your testimony and belief in people and your talent. Thank you for reminding me that I am a daughter of God and that he does love me”

Shirl'e Fruean

Hip Hop Artist

Community Advocate

“Praise God for the conversation and the blessings I have received from speaking with you. You are an inspirational person with great attributes and a business mind.

Thank you for the talanoa and the services your company has to offer. We look forward to working alongside your organisation to help with the branding and business strategy for the future of our business planning”

Talanoa Session Client | PEP Start

"I left our conversation

abundantly blessed!"


Talanoa Session Client | PEP Level

"I have never had such a holistic conversation about the enterprise of my life."

Liz Muliaga 

"I wanted to discuss my business, but this session started with ME. Every business begins with the owner, and this amazing talanoa session unlocked issues that had been holding me back for my entire life. I'm looking forward to the next session, and to growing my business. Thank you, PEP!"

Talanoa Session Client | PEP Level

"I needed an experienced Pacific facilitator who had cultural intelligence, builds rapport quickly, someone who shares similar values to our team. 


The outcome we were looking for was insight, engagement and feedback to help implement our strategic planning.


Our board enjoyed her relatable delivery and she exceeded our expectations. Among our senior board members Marie is highly regarded as a Mentor."

Marcus Amosa 
Board Member

 AAPICA Centre

"Marie’s services and reputation came highly recommended. As a leadership team we were needing help to move forward and refine our already formed concepts. With her positive approach, commitment and expertise she created a brand for our Komiti. Starting from our Talanoa workshops, crystallising our Vision, Mission, Values to forming our Brand Colours, Pacific Logo and topping it off with a brand new website. 

We handed Marie our terms of reference, and she co-created a new Pacific brand that enables our leadership team to better serve our Whau Pacific Peoples in our community. Fa’afetai tele lava! 

I highly endorse Pacific Enterprise People’s services."

Yvette Guttenbeil-Po’uhila , Chair

Whau Pasifika Komiti 

"Marie’s experience as a business coach and trusted advisor has been invaluable and reassuring especially through growth and times of change.


As a Pacific business owner there’s often a lot to juggle. Marie provided sound and strategic advice for my brand as well as hands-on support for funding applications, client negotiation meetings, and advice for choosing the best strategic partnerships and media appearances. She even helped organise a person to put my Gym mirror up on the wall. 

I’m very grateful and appreciate her professional commitment, expertise and pastoral care throughout the process. Thank you!

I highly recommend Pacific Enterprise People's services."

Aiga Pouoa 

SunPix Pacific Peoples Award - 2018

CEO, Ryze Fitness

"Yesterday was a lot to take in, but I left filled with excitement, very reflective.  I'll be working on the BRAND ME especially working on accepting my body,

my image, acceptance of self and believing in

what God has given me. 


Really appreciate your counsel, knowledge and experience and to top it off your pastoral care to walk with us through a new journey."

PEP Start Client

Talanoa Workshop

"As a Samoan business woman, Marie brings a high level of skills, culture practises/competency, knowledge, experience and passion when developing and delivering programmes in particular for Pacific groups and the wider communities."

Pepe Sapolu-Reweti | Strategic Broker

Whau Connected Communities

Auckland Council 

"I'm very grateful for the assistance and mentoring with this project. even if I had the basic knowledge to create my own website. I tried it and was overwhelmed. Leave it to the experts. 

The efficiency of service, integrity of Marie and open communication throughout the whole process. I most definitely would recommend Marie's services. There is nothing too small or big in terms of questions or lack of understanding, (especially website terms) that you need to ask. Marie has a gentle approach to ensuring you leave the conversation with clarity :) 

I highly recommend that if you are a startup and need a website for your small business, look no further.  I have been blessed with coming out of this, with a little bit more of an understanding with how websites are created.

Being a creative visual, words are lost on me sometimes . But with Marie’s expertise and sincere temperament to help accomplish your goals, it is a win - win! 

Thank you Marie for your invaluable help. "

Janet Faofua | PEP Start Client

Founder OtaEight 

"It was a pleasure to have Marie at the PACIFICA conference. Your personal story was powerful in its honesty!”

Sina Wendt-Moore

Chief Executive Officer

Leadership New Zealand

"Marie has worked voluntarily with our leadership teams with several community projects. She’s passionate about what she believes, and communicates well not only amongst the business corporate world, but within our community.”

Lui Ponifasio, QSM

Senior Pastor, LifeChurch

NZCounties Manukau Police Chaplain

"Excellent combination of structure, expertise and patience." 

Mat Wylie, CEO,

Customer Radar

Marie Workshop Attendee 

 Executive Social Media Training

Global Learning Committee,

Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO)

"I most liked Marie's informal style and small group interaction."

Murray Willis, Principal

Willis Associates

Marie Workshop Attendee 

 Executive Social Media Training

"Thanks Marie for a great mind-blowing day!"


Sue May

Fox Films NZ

Marie Workshop Attendee 

 Executive Social Media Training

"A friendly fast-paced knowledge transfer session

that stretches the mind ... very good value!"

John Blackham, CEO, XSOL

Marie Workshop Attendee 

 Executive Social Media Training

"I'm more competent and excited to explore further"

Luke Kaa-Morgan,

Profile and Promotion

David and Dale Garratt Music

Marie Workshop Attendee 

 Executive Social Media Training

"I have increased confidence and knowledge that I can do this!"

Georgie Major, Marketer

Marie Workshop Attendee 

 Executive Social Media Training

"I really like Marie's style and overall attitude.

I like the hands-on approach to training"

Rob Bree, Marketing Consultant

Marie Workshop Attendee 

 Executive Social Media Training

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