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Suitauloa Simon Young

CertLegalSt (Certificate of Legal Studies, AUT University)

MInstD (Member, Institute of Directors)

MTF (Master of Technological Futures) candidate

Simon Profile Pic 2024_edited.png

Director, Technology & Media, Pacific Enterprise People Ltd

Previous Experience: 

Author | Reboot Yourself!

Producer | One Ancestor at a Time

Journalist | NZ Marketing, Idealog, Management, Business Herald

Trainer | Marketing Association, Uni. of Auckland Executive Education

As a multimedia storyteller with decades of experience, my first priority when working with technology is to ask: what does this technology need to do? What story must it tell?

It is this focus on the end result that helps take clients through rapid learning of new ideas and platforms to achieve the goal. Sometimes the story is told through a website, other times it is the story of how an organisation manages its data using tools from Microsoft or Google. 

Whatever the tools, we approach it all with onosai (patience) and alofa (love). Our clients go from saying "I'm not a tech person" to trying and using and mastering the tools. 

Years of experience working cross-culturally has given me an appreciation for different ways of doing things. At PEP we strive to be culturally responsive, building rapport and ensuring technology serves your vision, not the other way around. 

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